Did you know...

That Yellowstone was the FIRST national park to be founded? Neither ddi I until I bought a t-shirt that said so.

Yellowstone is, by far, my favorite national park that I've visited to date! As someone who craves change and stimulation, Yellowstone checks off all the boxes considering you never know which turn is going to have a bear around it. My anticipation is at an all-time high every time I visit.

I have been to Yellowstone several times without the proper equipment and plan. But NEVER AGAIN! Here are some tips from a fellow photographer and nature enthusiast:

Bring the Proper Equipemt

Come with a zoom lens. If you're planning on taking photos of wildlife (which..... you will be), bring a MINIMUM of a 400mm zoom. I have been to the park and seen the most amazing animals and wasn't able to capture it well because of my lens (or lack of). Does this mean you need to go spend $2K on a new lens before your next trip? Nope! Contact your local camera shop and ask about their rental options!! If you're based out of Salt Lake City like me, check out Pictureline!! They are unbelievably helpful!

Another piece of equipment you should consider investing in is a storm case for your camera! Don't be caught in the rain without any protection for your equipment! And more importantly, don't miss a photo opportunity because you couldn't take your camera out due to bad weather!

Follow Directions

Breaking rules is cool... when you're 5 in your backyard with friends. In the park, there are several rules you need to follow! Being a photographer, you are expected to set a good example for others. Getting too close to animals to get that "perfect shot" puts yourself, others, and the animals at risk. I have seen so many photographers push the limits to get incredible shots, and this is how people get extremely hurt and animals get killed. As photographers get closer, the crowds follow.

This is just another reason to have bomb equipment! Save a life, get a good zoom.

Be Up + Out by Sunrise

Wake up and be outside for sunrise!! The earlier, the better! The park is so peaceful, with barely any tourists and the animals are grazing everywhere! If you have the time and the desire, be sure to save one morning and head to Yellowstone Lake for sunrise! The sun rises behind the mountains, over the lake and it makes for a gorgeous start to your day.

Shades of Yellowstone

Yellowstone is full of color and carries so many forms of life. Below of photos of the geysers and hot springs that cover so much of the park!